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About Natural Ange Ltd

Angela Haldane – 'NATURAL ANGE'
Dip Appl Sc – Naturopathy. Dip Nat (Melb).

Angela Haldane has established a busy naturopathic practice over the past 25 years in the central Auckland area. More recently, in October 2019, Ange moved to Northland and practises from her clinic at Te Ngaere. Every 4 weeks she comes to Auckland for face-to-face consultations, otherwise Ange does Tele Consultations on Teams, WhatsApp or Skype.

Angela trained as a naturopath in Melbourne. Prior to this she practiced as a nurse in medical/ surgical units for over 10 years. Drawing from this experience she works with the patient in detailed consultation, focusing on prevention, education and natural remedies/ alternative medicines. She identifies ways to optimise their health in a creative way. Healthy diets that fit into their daily routine and handy tips to stay healthy when life is busy. Ange has had significant success with clients using natural remedies and alternative medicines. Talk to her about this holistic approach to health.

Herbal extracts and other preparations are individually selected and formulated according to the client's particular illness or needs.
Allergy tests are performed in the case of masked allergies which can cause irritation of the respiratory tract, skin reactions or digestive discomfort. This enables the patient to identify the triggers, and then of course, remove them!

Nearly all health problems can benefit from herbal medicine, whether it be a ills and chills, hormonal imbalances like PMS or menopause, or a more serious condition. Herbal medicine can be taken alone or alongside drugs or other treatments prescribed by your doctor, provided the naturopath/herbalist and doctor are informed and the treatment is supervised.

Current research of natural medicine, herbal clinical trials and also of herb/ drug interactions keeps Angela’s treatments at the forefront of today’s health.

Angela Haldane is also known as “Natural Ange” on radio 95bFM's Breakfast show. A regular segment on the show for 23 years!

Angela Haldane is a Fellow member of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists (FNZAMH) and a Professional member of the Naturopaths, Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (MNMHNZ).

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