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Naturopath & Herbalist


You could be struggling with reoccurring health conditions, syndromes, allergies or infections - or have concerns about a family history of degenerative disease. Perhaps poor digestion, bloating, joint pain or hormones are wreaking havoc. Fatigue, brain fog, mood fluctuations, lack of energy or sleep - all of these can have a huge impact on your life - and are areas where naturopathy can help

In your naturopathic consultation, we'll explore what measures you need to put in place to achieve wellness and reach your health goals. Using Clinical Naturopathic Medicine (herbal medicine, clinical nutrition and lifestyle measures) and based on current research, we'll work together to get you on your path to wellness.

Naturopath Angela Haldane, aka 'Natural Ange', has over 25-years experience as a naturopath and herbalist in New Zealand. With the added benefit of 10 years as a registered nurse, Angela can help you to optimise your health through herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, dietary and lifestyle advice.


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Naturopath Clinic Northland 

Clinic location: Te Ngaere
30-mins north of Kerikeri

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Naturopath Clinic Auckland 

Clinic location: Kingsland, Auckland
Every 4 weeks
Next dates:  Feb 7-9; March 13-15; April 10-12; May 8-10; June 6-8; July 24-26; August 14-16 2024

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Why see a naturopath?

Why it pays to seek professional advice from someone trained in natural medicine.

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Active Elements is a fantastic range of easy to take and readily absorbed mineral formulations.

Active elements offer an online mineral appraisal to see what elements will help you – view the range.

Active Elements® formulas are inexpensive, convenient to use, and they are lactose, gluten and animal free.

Bothered by sneezing, nasal congestion, skin ailments / rashes, migraines, brain fog, mood disorders or something else that's potentially unexplained? This could be the result of a 'masked allergy'. 

Read on for information on  allergy testing services that Ange uses for food intolerances and environmental triggers. 


What works for ..?

Answers to your questions about common ailments, illnesses and remedies - and wellbeing tips.

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Written by Natural Ange from current research and webinars - including Clinical Naturopathic Medicine. 

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