The Auckland clinic is currently unable to be conducted due to the lockdown restrictions.
I highly recommend an 'Online consultation' which is an effective means to get your health on track.
My Northland clinic at Te Ngaere is currently open under the Level  2 restrictions - wearing masks. 
I hope that I can run an Auckland clinic in December 8/9th
Book online - I look forward to seeing you on the day...

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If you would like a repeat of an existing prescription, please email Ange, and she will organise this for you.


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Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, QRA Practitioner, Former Registered Nurse.

Online Consultations

via Teams, WhatsApp or Skype

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Northland Clinic

Northland Clinic at Te Ngaere
(30 mins north of Kerikeri)

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Auckland Clinic

Kingsland, Auckland every 4 weeks

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Angela Haldane Consultation Fees

Consultations in person

  • Initial Consultation
  • Follow up Consultation
  • Adults $180 (1hour) 
  • Adults $90 (1/2 hour)
  • Children $90 (1/2 hour)
  • Children $90 (1/2 hour)

Online consultations

With an online consultation we prefer to use Microsoft Teams. Here, I can share the screen to explain concepts with the documents I would normally show you in a consultation.
After the appointment, I then write a summary report of what we discussed in an email and this includes attachments with handouts I have prepared for certain conditions and links to resources for ongoing management.
Many people are finding the online consultations surprisingly efficient in regards to time and the information gathering we can obtain.
Even if you want to get started online, and then see me in person the next time I'm in Auckland (I come to Kingsland every 4 weeks) as a follow often works well too.

  • Initial Online Consultation
  • Follow up Online Consultation
  • Adults $180
  • Adults $90
  • Children $90
  • Children $90 

Refilling Prescriptions

If you wish to obtain a refill from your existing prescription, please use the form or contact information below.

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