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Allergy Management


In a naturopathic consultation, we find many ailments that are bothering people which can be a result of a masked allergy. Examples include: digestive discomfort, irritated airways, skin reactions.

They are not life threatening allergies, but rather food intolerances or food sensitivities - and they're enough to affect everyday life. I is an immune reaction to the allergen whereby immunoglobulins IgE and IgG are released.

Allergy tests

For over 20 years now, we have been using the Polden Clinic which specialises in allergy testing. The Clinic also does a mineral analysis using a sample of hair. They test all the main food groups, as well as chemicals and environmental factors. The method of testing is called the ELF method (electromagnetic low frequency) whereby they use low frequency resonance instruments to observe reactions. The feedback from patients has been consistently positive, as they have had lasting results with managing their allergy. 

Allergy test results and next steps

When your allergy results come back, your follow-up appointment is focused on the dietary approach you need to take. We take care to ensure that the diet is realistic for your lifestyle and all nutrients are accounted for – to ensure you have a balanced diet.

We recommend removing those identified foods as best you can for 3 months. We'll see you again after approximately 1 month (into the 3-month period) to check on your progress.

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