The Natural Ange Ltd range of herbal formulas and creams are specifically designed natural medicines to help restore balance and regain vibrant health. There is something for everyone….....
Mother’s Cordial for the busy Mum (or Dad), Sleep Mix to slip away into a blissful slumber, Digest-Ease to settle an upset tummy and much more!

These natural products are made from herbal tinctures. Herbal tinctures are medicinal plant extracts that are dissolved in base solutions of water and alcohol. They must be diluted in either water or juice as they are concentrated. If you wish to sweeten the taste, blackcurrant juice does the best job. Follow the directions on the label – they are safe for adults and children as directed.

All Herbal Tinctures designed by Angela Haldane – ‘Natural Ange’
(Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and former Registered Nurse).