The Auckland clinic is currently unable to be conducted due to the lockdown restrictions.
I highly recommend an 'Online consultation' which is an effective means to get your health on track.
My Northland clinic at Te Ngaere is currently open under the Level  2 restrictions - wearing masks. 
I hope that I can run an Auckland clinic in December 8/9th
Book online - I look forward to seeing you on the day...

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IONIC Mineral Drops 240ml

IONIC Mineral Drops 240ml
These minerals and electrolytes provide the necessary nutrients to keep your biochemical pathways functioning optimally.
Certified Low Sodium.
Naturally sourced.
Freight Free in Aotearoa | NZ
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NZ$ 55.00 including GST
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Just add to your water bottle and sip away throughout the day.

Quantum Ionic Minerals turns your water into a sports drink packed full of natural trace minerals without the sugar, colours or flavours, nothing artificial.

Makes 190 1lt servings.

Ideal for a demanding day at work – either physically or mentally

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