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Which type of Salt should I use?

Article by Angela Haldane

SALT “White Gold”
What makes Himilayan salt different from common table salt?

Himilayan salt has 85% sodium chloride and the other 15% contains trace elements that are required for excellent health... AND IT MAKES YOUR FOOD TASTE BETTER!!!

Common salt has 97.5% sodium chloride and 5% flowing agents, moisture absorbants and synthetic iodine. It has been chemically cleaned and dried at a very high temperature.

Sea salt- be sure it is from New Zealand, so that it sourced far away from oil spills, PCBs, dioxin and mercury contaminants. Studies on seaweeds in New Zealand have found this to be a clean source – therefore I am making the assumption that NZ sea salt is similar.

Today's common table salt has nothing in common with natural salt

Why do you need salt? It is essential for life – you cannot live without it.
The chloride ions in salt are required to make stomach acid – hydrochloric acid HCl... crucial for healthy digestion.

Natural Himalayan Salt actions:
1. Regulates fluid balance
2. Regulating healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells
3. Promoting blood sugar health, and help to prevent signs of aging
4. Assisting in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body
5. Absorption of food particles in your digestive tract – It provides the chloride ion in Hydrochloric acid (stomach acid)
6. Supporting respiratory health
7. Promoting sinus health
8. Prevention of muscle cramps
9. Promoting bone strength
10. Regulating your sleep – it naturally promotes sleep
11. Supporting your libido
12. Promoting vascular health
13. In conjunction with water, it is actually essential in the regulation of blood pressure.

Himalayan salt is mined by hand, and hand washed. It has no environmental pollutants. Under electron microscope is has a crystalline structure. It does not have a shelf life, nor does it need silica packs to keep it dry.

Some people can get elevated sodium levels, but this is usually in those who consume prepackaged manufactured foods – which can contain high sodium levels. If you make your own food from home, and use NZ seasalt or himilayan salt or PRL Pink Salt in moderation you will be providing your body with necessary minerals for optimum health.

A wee note about Iodine
Himilayan Salt is from the Mountains in Nepal – therefore it does not contain iodine.
Iodine is vital for thyroid function, and protection from radiation. It is required even more so today, considering our exposure to radiation; flouride and bromide – which compete with iodine for absorption.
Iodine is best sourced from natural sources such as fish from the sea, seafood and preferentially New Zealand seaweed. I recommend 3 serves of fish/seafood per week.

King Oscar sardines on corn thins/ toast with mayonnaise and tabasco sauce – together with a big salad, makes a great lunch. ( a pinch of Himalayan salt in the salad dressing!)

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Posted: Tuesday 15 June 2021

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