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QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis - an advanced form of kinesiology

QRA – Quantum Reflex Analysis and The Quantum Nutrition Effect to achieve optimum health.

Ange has had 15 years’ experience of using QRA in her practice. – QRA is a method which tests the meridian field using an advanced form of kinesiology called Quantum Reflex Analysis.

I have found QRA took my practice to a whole new level of healing.

QRA can assess the health of the person on many levels, as follows:

  • Organ and Gland stress and the nutritional and Detoxification support required.
  • Assess chronic infections and the nutritional and herbal requirements for recovery.
  • Test product quality and efficacy for you.
  • Test the exact dose of products required for you.
  • Help resolve emotional trauma and negative mental concepts.
  • Find and remove possible interference fields that may be inhibiting your optimal health.
  • Dental stress and the nutritional and detoxification support that is required.
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Posted: Monday 14 June 2021

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