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Top recommendations for my Bathroom Cupboard - the Essentials

Bathroom Cupboard

Article by Angela Haldane

Q. I have been right through the house having a good clean out this summer, and now I would like to know what the staples are I should have in my medicine cupboard and a few good natural remedies.

A. Start off with a first aid kit from St Johns or Red Cross. Have a good stainless steel pair of tweezers, a crepe bandage 3 inch. Some steristrips, which are sterile plasters that will pull the two sides of a wound together. Telfa non stick dressing pads and sterile packs of gauze are also excellent along with some micropore tape. Have a variety of plasters ranging from opsite, to fabric elastoplast to bandaids. A pair of surgical gloves. Dettol antibacterial gel. Anti histamines eg Razene in case of an allergic reaction or beesting. Nurofen / Iboprofen and panadol as pain killers / anti inflammatories. All of these are available from the chemist.

For an antiseptic I like the manuka NZ tea tree oil manufactured by Kiwiherb,  This is also good as an antifungal agent. Lavender essential oil is another good antiseptic which can be applied neat to the skin, its aromatic value promotes relaxation and sleep. Sterile eyedrops are also handy, in case some foreign body, such as sand, gets into the eye.

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A good wound healing ointment is worthwhile eg. Kiwiherb Calendula wound healing ointment, and Kiwiherb comfrey ointment for bruising. Make sure you have an ice pack in the freezer for all soft tissue injuries – (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) – otherwise a bag of peas!

Kiwiherb or SAFE insect repellent and Skinnies natural sunblock are essential for the great outdoors.
Aloe vera is great as an after sun lotion, and for burns. Grow the plant or have a tube of it. Burns must be treated first under cold running water to get the heat out of the affected site. This may be 20 minutes or longer...You may need medical attention.

Posted: Thursday 27 May 2021

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