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Bedwetting - address the underlying causes


Article by Angela Haldane

Q. My 12-year-old boy wets the bed nightly, sometimes twice. All tests from the GP and paediatrician have come back normal, so we tried a bed-wetting night alarm which unfortunately wakes the parents rather than the child – after the wetting! We were then prescribed a nasal spray, which worked, but we were advised to use it only for a short time. What can you suggest?

A. Given that all tests have come back normal, I'd look at treating the nervous system with magnesium and potassium.  I have done this for children with issues such as nightmares and sleep walking and it has worked well. This can be assessed via the mineral appraisal 

Allergy tests have also proven useful –  An article in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (2002) states that food allergies may be the underlying cause in some bed-wetting cases.

Avoid apple juice as the malic acid can be an irritant to the bladder. I am sure you have already tried limiting drinks from 6pm onwards.

Bach flower essences might be also useful in this case: mimulus for fear of known things; aspen for apprehension, fears, bad dreams – for no known reason; vervain for the inability to relax; or larch for despondency, lack of confidence, expectation of failure. Bach flower remedies can be made up via your registered natural health practitioner.

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Posted: Thursday 27 May 2021

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