Article by Angela Haldane

Q. I have terrible trouble with wind and bloating. By 4pm each day my belly is blown up and I am a different size to what I was that morning

A. To treat bloating, we need to support good digestive function. I recommend that you squeeze grapefruit (check if you are taking medication), lemon or apple cider vinegar in a small amount of water upon rising. Sour foods stimulate salivation, digestive enzyme production from the stomach and pancreas and bile flow from the liver, enabling food to broken down efficiently.
This sour stimulus has been lost from our diet. The English began their day with half a grapefruit; the Japanese chewed umeboshi plums and had pickled daikon as a condiment.  We must ensure that these wise traditions continue.

Always eat in a relaxed environment and chew food well.

Some people react to certain foods, e.g. wheat, consider an allergy test. Read more about the allergy testing we do at the clinic on this website (under the About section).

Eat cultured yoghurt rich in acidophilus, or purchase a probiotic powder via your natural health practitioner (Natural Ange Ltd). These reinstate the "friendly" bacteria in the gut, to break food down efficiently.

Herbal teas have carminative properties to relieve trapped wind. Also, culinary use of ginger, aniseed and cumin seeds aid the digestive process.
The Natural Ange Herbal Digestive Relief formula is available from this website and is a convenient way to take the herbs mentioned above.