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Caesarean - post op recovery


Article by Angela Haldane

Q. I’m wondering if you could offer me advice for my sister, who is very sore and uncomfortable following a caesarean two days ago. She is being well looked after in hospital – I’m just wondering if you could recommend anything natural for her healing and recovery?

A. Staphisagria is a homoeopathic remedy for wound pain which is good (see your naturopath or homeopath). This is not to take the place of pain relief offered by the medical team. However, it might mean that you need a little less. It really helps when you are discharged home in a weeks time with only Panadol as the form of pain relief. She must keep up with pain relief, and rest – as one might need to be reminded that they have had abdominal surgery after all.

She will need to sleep when the baby sleeps. She might find stairs too painful at first, due to the lower abdominal muscles repairing. Arrange the living situation so that is it on one level.

Fluids and nutrition. protein, nuts seeds, soups are also vitally important.

You could really help by filling her freezer with meals, soups and getting the washing out on the line! Lend a helping hand around the house.
She is not allowed to drive for 6 weeks, so you might be able to run errands for her.

I would also recommend that she has a multi vitamin with zinc in it for wound healing. Calendula ointment by Kiwiherb can be applied to the wound to enhance the healing process too or a cream made up specifically by your naturopath/herbalist.

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Posted: Thursday 27 May 2021

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