Good Behaviour

Article by Angela Haldane

Recently I was on bFM speaking about the anti- smacking bill. I highlighted that there needs to be more focus on parenting programmes so caregivers develop skills to manage behaviour.
I referred to a book which attracted a lot of attention and requests later in the week so I thought I should post the details .

The book is called “Good Behaviour” which is a small book that is quick to grasp the key points on
• Time out – Research has stated that ‘ time out’ works for thousands and thousands of children, if it’s not working… you are not doing it right.
• Mealtimes
• Praise your child – catch them doing something good and praise them. Then they have no need to find negative ways of behaving to attract your attention.
• Change the subject, you can only have one thought at a time so change the topic. Eg. Guess what happened to me last week… What’s your favourite colour? What did you play at lunchtime at school?

If you need an appointment with a child psychologist, I can recommend Ian Lambie – to book an appointment email: .