Jawline Acne

Article by Angela Haldane

Q I am 34 years old and I have acne like a teenager. Mainly around the chin and it worsens with the monthly cycle. How can I clear this up?

A. When acne occurs on the jawline and has a hormonal pattern, I find the herb Chaste tree (__Vitex agnus-castus__) most effective. You will be able to get this from your registered medical herbalist or naturopath, who would prescribe it at the beginning of the cycle. You take this every morning for 3 to 6 months to gain the best effect. This herb cannot be taken if you are already taking some form of hormonal medication, e.g. the contraceptive pill. There are other useful herbs to enhance liver function and elimination – such as burdock, milk thistle, oregon grape and nettle.

Zinc and vitamin A are also important for the healing of pimples and will reduce scarring. The zinc reduces the oil build up in the pores.

If you get blind pimples, silica can help to bring them out to the surface. Active Elements 2.1 is great for this. Try the mineral assessment on this website (on the home page) to see if you are lacking.

Otherwise, fresh fruit, big salads with protein, e.g. fish or boiled eggs and eight glasses of pure water help to keep good skin. If you have any food allergies / intolerances, it is helpful to avoid these as this can compound the problem of acne. Have a read about our Allergy testing (under the about section).

Exercise such that you sweat. Cleanse with products specific to acne. I can recommend the Kiwiherb blemish gel sold in pharmacies Nationwide.