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Joint Pain - natural approaches to address inflammation and maintain joint strength

Joint Pain

Article by Angela Haldane

Q. My friend has been trying glucosamine with chondroitin for aches in joints, she has found it has not helped with pain in the hand/thumb joints but it has helped with her ankle, what do you think what could she try?

A. In a naturopathic consultation I can outline a diet to optimise mineral health and reduce inflammation. I would also recommend a specialised formula available as practitioner range which is designed to improve joint/cartilage function and reduce further degeneration of the joint capsule.
There are also some excellent herbal formulations which help with the discomfort of joint pain. Naturopathic Clinical Medicine can offer options can be discussed in your appointment.

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Try to eliminate any food intolerances, this can markedly improve joint inflammation also. Allergy test

Natural Ange recommends 'practitioner range' of Fish oils  and also Tumeric/ curcumin formulations which are good for reducing pain and inflammation. Ask Natural Ange

Posted: Thursday 27 May 2021

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