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What can I make for lunches?

Lunches - what to have...

Article by Angela Haldane

Don't let yourself get to the point of having to rush out of work and buy another over priced sandwich and unnecessary coffee this lunch time .

Food bag to work to last the week
A large bag of salad mix and a balsamic dressing
Or a roast vege salad with toasted seeds
Or an Asian slaw or Coleslaw

add to this:
A can of 'King Oscar' Sardines stocked at Countdown or Tinned red salmon – with the soft bones!
or 2 boiled eggs
Some corn thins and mayonaise or Hummus.
An apple/ fruit
and a nice cup of green tea.

Make a large roasted vegetable salad - kumara, beetroot, pumpkin and cauli florets.
A bean salad (even from a can) with feta, celery and carrot keeps well for lunches. 
Felafels "The Cool Gardener" are handy. Freezer / cook/ serve
Make a jar of toasted seeds. Dry fry pan on a low heat - keep an eye on them!

A decent hit of protein will carry you through the afternoon and offset the 4pm blues!

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Posted: Friday 28 May 2021

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