Article by Angela Haldane

Q. I have started a new job this year which means I have to learn a lot of new things. Is there a natural way to improve my memory?

A. There are some excellent herbs which improve memory, which also have a tonifying effect on the nervous system. One herb in particular is bacopa monniera. This comes in tablet form with gingko biloba which would also be beneficial. Rosemary is a also good herb for memory – this can be taken as a tea, or by applying essential oil to your skin. Siberian ginseng is indicated for stamina during stress – environmental and occupational. It would be best to see your registered herbalist or naturopath for the right prescription for you.

Support your nervous system with B complex vitamins and minimise your coffee/ caffeine intake – this will make you less hasty and your short-term memory may improve. Make sure you take regular savoury protein snacks to keep your blood sugar stable – this will lead to better concentration levels, i.e. crackers and hummus, nuts and seeds, boiled eggs, tinned fish and fresh fruit.

Exercise is a good way to freshen the brain with oxygen, gain perspective and creative inspiration. Take a walk after work to allow the information to settle.

If you are able to use aromatherapy, basil and lemon keep the brain alert too.

Identify ways to remember things by making word associations to help you remember key points. Or plan a system of how things run, that makes sense to you – write a flow chart in your words, this process will consolidate the information for you.