Article by Angela Haldane

Q. I have suffered from migraines for years. How can I best manage them naturally?

A. A migraine is characterised by vascular dilation producing a unilateral headache. Factors such as low blood sugar, or flickering lights/glare, hormonal fluctuations, stress, lack of sleep, or a food allergy such as cheese, chocolate, red wine can precipitate a migraine.

Herbal medicine has the ability to balance hormonal levels, relax the nervous system and assist with sleep.
The herb feverfew has a long tradition of preventing migraines, or at least reducing the severity and frequency of attacks. This is available in tablet form, otherwise grow the plant (__Tanacetum parthenium__ – chrysanthemum) and chew a leaf daily.

Active Elements Magnesium (3.1 or 4.2) relaxes the smooth muscle of the vessel walls, thereby easing the migraine. You would need to take this on a regular basis or use as an ‘acute’ – taking 1 tablet hourly for 5 hours. You can get this via your natural health practitioner (Natural Ange Ltd) – do a mineral appraisal on this website if you wish – Homepage.

An allergy test can identify the triggers – see this website for details, under the About section, then Allergy Management.

Eat regular savoury protein foods, have a massage regularly and stress management is vital in the prevention of migraines.