Neck Tension

Article by Angela Haldane

Q. I work long hours in front of computers and suffer neck and shoulder tension. If I get stressed, this progresses to a tension headache. How can I prevent this?

A. Plan regular breaks in your work schedule. In these breaks do exercises to stretch the upper back and neck. These can be given to you by your yoga instructor, osteopath, physio or massage therapist. Ensure that every 2 weeks you have a treatment from one of the body therapists suggested above.

Magnesium is a vital mineral that gets burnt up with stress and diuretics such as coffee, tea and fizzy drinks. Magnesium is required to relax the muscle spindle. If there is insufficient magnesium, muscular tension results. Food sources of magnesium include nuts, seeds and vegetables.
It is a good idea to do a mineral appraisal so that the right mineral formulae are selected for you. Available on this website.

Ensure that your chair and table are at the correct height for you, and that it is comfortable.

Physical fitness is also a requirement to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal frame. Choose swimming, walking, running or the gym to keep fit, at least 3 sessions should be included in your weekly programme. Exercise is also a great way to disperse the stress in your life.

Heat packs and a heating gel containing arnica, menthol and clove, like comfortzone, provides an effective treatment plan when muscles are ceasing up – until you get to your massage!