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Perinasal Rash - how can I get rid of it?

Perinasal Rash

Article by Angela Haldane

Q. I get a rash around my nose, that sometimes spreads to my cheeks. It gets red, raw and itchy. For about eighteen months it has flared up and down. What shall I do?

A. There are a few theories on this. One is that it is a fungal infection that cultures in the nasal fold resulting from a dandruff condition. In this case your doctor will prescribe an antidandruff shampoo and an antifungal cream.

Another theory is a B complex vitamin deficiency – which answers the query if it worsens with stress. As B complex is a major nutrient for the nervous system, and a deficiency does express itself as dry flaky skin. In particular the B2 deficiency is described as a red, raw, greasy, scaling facial rash. Sources of vitamin B2 include wholegrains – (e.g. Vogels bread, brown rice), meat, eggs, parsley and almonds.

Thirdly, I would add the theory of masked allergies – which could be skin care, washing powders, citrus, dairy products, wheat, sugar… Given that the condition flares up and down, this often indicates an allergic pattern where you can tolerate it for a while, but once you have too much, or you become to stressed, you can no longer tolerate it and the facial rash flares up. You might like to do an allergy test .

I recommend miessence ONEgroup skin care, shampoo and makeup which is certified organic and is free of chemicals and perfumes. They do use a few essential oils which are unlikely to cause reactions. They have a ‘soothing’ range which may work well for you.

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Posted: Thursday 27 May 2021

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