Article by Angela Haldane

Q. I went over on my ankle very badly playing badminton, and I am in plaster for 3 weeks with a sliver of bone broken off and my ankle is badly sprained with damaged ligaments. Can you recommend what natural remedies would be good for me to take to strengthen and help speed my recovery?

A. Ruta graveolens 30c – a homoeopathic remedy available from Naturopharm is indicated when there is injury to ligaments and ailments from sprains. This will enhance the reparative process.

Maintain pain relief and anti-inflammatories as prescribed. This will help the body will heal better when you are pain free with less swelling.

After the cast is removed, you can then apply Kiwiherb comfrey ointment. The common name for the herb comfrey is “knitbone” and is excellent for promoting bone growth. It takes 6 weeks for a bone to heal.

You may wish to take a calcium and magnesium supplement with boron to provide the necessary minerals for the bone matrix to develop.The minerals silica and calcium fluoride are fantastic for bone strength also.

Food sources for calcium and magnesium include a trail mix of nuts and seeds, figs, tinned salmon with the bones, soup with bones. A protein rich diet also helps with tissue repair.

Keep a close eye on the cast, checking for colour, warmth, movement and circulation. Maintain the exercises outlined by your physiotherapist.
Rest as best you can, elevating the foot on a stool to reduce fluid retention.