Study Tips

Article by Angela Haldane

Q. What can I do to enhance my memory recall for end of year exams?

A. There are some herbs that are specific for this. Rosmarinus officinalis “Rosemary for remembrance” as known in historical texts is good for promoting memory. Bacopa monniera has been shown in studies to relax the nervous system and enhance cognitive performance – where the Bacopa group scored higher than the placebo group. Centella asiatica – Gotu kola is a good cognition enhancer as well as a nervine (that will settle the nervous system) which will also help you with you exam performance. These herbs are available from your registered medical herbalist such as Natural Ange Ltd.

Make cue cards with the main points you need to remember. Take a highlighter pen to the exam and highlight the key words of the question – to ensure that you answer the question!

Eat savoury protein food like eggs, hummus, felafels, fish and lean meat and wholegrains to provide a slow release of energy from your food – rather than sugar and coffee which provides an initial burst of energy, but it can then leave you feeling shaky and lacking concentration.

A B vitamin complex and magnesium supplement helps with stabilising the nervous system and mood. This would be a worthwhile investment whilst the pressure is on.

Get out for a run or walk on your study break. It is good to replenish the brain with fresh air and it also relaxes your brain, gets things into perspective and you might find some creative insight about what you have just been studying!