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Constant Morning Sniffing

Constant Morning Sniffing

Article by Angela Haldane

Q. On waking most mornings my 8 year old son is continually sniffing (that's an understatement) for at least an hour. I try and encourage him to blow his nose but he says there's nothing there but continues to draw back to try and clear his breathing. He is mildly asthmatic and sometimes has allergic reactions to things. Recently he has been found to be anaphylactic to bees. Do you have any natural suggestions re treatment?

A. When people suffer from their allergies upon rising, I look towards the things eaten the night before, or the bedding. Was it a milky drink? Perhaps he has an allergy to dustmites or dust. If you have a dust mite allergy, it is best to invest in special mattress, duvet and pillow covers from ‘miteguard’  These covers are made of special fabric that prevents the mites from crawling through. Alternatively, you can naturally air the bedding in the sunshine on a regular basis.
Keep the bedroom free of clutter and soft toys, dust with a damp cloth regularly and floor boards might be a better option than carpet.

If this problem continues, I would recommend an allergy test to confirm the allergenic factors 

Is there a mould problem in your house? If so, I have a programme to help you address such issues – Remediate the levels in the environment (house, car, mattress etc), restore the immune reaction and mucous membrane health and monitor humidity levels ongoing with an inexpensive device called a "Thermo Hygrometer"
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Otherwise visit your registered medical herbalist for herbs which act by stabilising the mast cells to reduce the allergic reaction, decongestants and mucous membrane tonics to reduce the mucous production.

The Respiratory Clear herbal formula available on this website would also be very useful.
Steam inhalations of eucalyptus essential oil or Vicks vaporub will also help to clear some congestion.

Posted: Thursday 27 May 2021

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