Radiation Exposure

Article by Angela Haldane

The Fukushima nuclear plant has and still is releasing hugh amounts of radiation into the air and sea. The long term low level exposure to radiation increases the risk of cancer. To help your immune system cope with this disaster I recommend you take a few dietary precautions.
Eat sulphur rich organic onions and garlic to help support glutathione production.
Take a daily Iodine supplement or eat seafood 3 times per week so the radioactive iodine 131 can't attach to iodine receptor sites.
Eat organic super greens Spirulina and chlorella.
Take a mineral supplement such as Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) and Elete along side a good liquid Zinc .
Maintain good heathy liver function with herbal medicine from Natural Ange.
I also stock top quality Echinacea, Ginkgo bilboa and Panax ginseng which are herbs known for their Radiation Detox qualities.

NZ seaweed such as karengo are pure – according to recent tests. Dry toast karengo in a pan, and use as a delicious condiment.