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Article by Angela Haldane

Q. I am flying to London soon for work and I have a busy schedule booked, how can I best avoid ‘jetlag’?

A. Jet-Lag is a type of sleep disorder caused by the desynchronization of circadian rhythms, induced by a change in the sleep-wake cycle. The underlying cause of Jet-Lag is often travel across several time-zones of the world – its symptoms are usually worse when traveling from west to east.

Melatonin is a pineal hormone that plays a central part in regulating bodily rhythms and has been used as a drug to re-align them with the outside world. Studies were undertaken to assess symptoms of jetlag – such as a daily sleep log, record of mood and temperatures every two hours during waking hours. They also performed logical reasoning and comprehension tests every four hours. Results showed that jet lag was significantly less severe among subjects treated with melatonin. This can be prescribed by your doctor and is taken 2-3 hours prior to the desired sleeping time.

“No Jetlag” is sold in pharmacies, it has a good reputation for minimising the effects of jetlag. This is a homoeopathic preparation in tablet form.

The Natural Ange Sleep Mix and for stamina and immune resistance during the day, the herbal ImmunoBoost would suit you well.
A good dose of magnesium will also promote muscular relaxation so you can settle in to the long haul flight. Active elements 2.3

Posted: Thursday 27 May 2021

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